SNS cares about health AND beauty. To us they are equally important. As we like to say, “Health and Beauty are One!”

When it comes to beauty, color rules the day. But color creation is an art, and it takes decades to perfect. Over the past 30 years, SNS has developed unrivaled mastery in nail color creation.

You can recognize SNS nails by the extra richness and depth of the colors, and the way they radiate in that head-turning way.

When people ask, “Who did your nails?” you can proudly say: “I did… with a little help from SNS!”

To SNS, Healthy Nails are Beautiful Nails

We want your clients’ nails to become healthier and stronger every time you use our products. This is the purpose of our SNS Nutri-Plus™, a total system for optimum nail health that includes our powders, bases and sealers.